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Is Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on your bucket list? Yukon Home & Tour is a family-run accommodation and tour company that offer tours for Aurora viewing and other enchanting northern activities. We’re excited to share our love for the Yukon and its enchanting sights with travelers. We aim to provide our guests with adventure during our regular or personalized tours, coupled with a comfortable and private home away from home at a competitive price.

Our tours can be both relaxing and adventure-filled, including everything from local sights, city tours, dog mushing, ice fishing, hiking in the Yukon’s many trails, a trip to the Arctic Circle, and more. Khoon is a patient, knowledgeable, and friendly tour guide who loves helping others enjoy the local scenery. He is always glad to provide advice and customer tour packages to suit your travel needs.

We are also an authorized tour operator for Air North, named North America’s most-loved airline in 2016 by Fortune Magazine. Yukon Home and Tour is pleased to offer great rates on flights for our customers. Your memorable trip to the Yukon starts when you board our very own airline. Enjoy Yukon-style hospitality with two free checked baggages, two rounds of beverages, and a light snack.

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