Carcross Tour

Optional Tour to Carcross

Historic charm combined with nature’s beauty along the South Klondike Highway, we travel to the town of  Carcross, the pride of Yukon’s First Nation people.  These people are very successful in their economy, culture, education and community buildings. We will be visiting;

  1. The amazing and famous beautiful Emerald Lake. For years, it is a must stop for thousands of visitors.
  2. The smallest dessert in the world. Enjoy the stroll in the northern sand.
  3. This train station serve the train route between Carcross to Skagway, Alaska. This narrow route is known to be one of the most beautiful route in the world, comparable to the sightseeing small train route in Switzerland. Every year, it attracts many tourists from all over the world.
  4. Carcross bridge. Watching and learning how the local fish for arctic grayling, trout, etc .
  5. A hundred plus years old “Ghost Town” is a sightseeing destination providing insight into the history of Klondike Gold Rush and the lives of the many miners and trappers who lived in the region.
Emerald Lake
Downtown Carcross
Ghost Town
Train Station
The World's Smallest Desert!
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